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Are Self Driving Vehicles the Future of Shipping and Trucking?

Autonomous driving systems offer many possibilities to improve the quality of logistics networks. Self-driving commercial vehicles are bringing a new era in freight transportation. However, new technologies also bring with them a newer level of responsibilities for those in executive positions. This is why increasingly companies are attempting to innovate and implement new technologies.

How Shifting Freight Demands are Straining Fleets and Shippers

The challenges of transport, logistics, and the shipping industry Freight demands are constantly affected by a wide range of variable factors which makes it hard to anticipate trends in future shifting. All of this makes the work of fleets and shippers challenging. Factors that influence freight demands include the economy, globalization,

Great American Trucking Show (GATS)

The Great American Trucking Show is an interactive and all-encompassing public convention of trucking professionals. It represents truck, trailer, engine, component and parts manufacturers, among many others. It exists to create an interactive, energizing environment entirely focused on trucking’s improvement.

Consumer Products Companies Can’t Keep on Truckin’

Truck driver shortages, escalating fuel prices and increasing imports have pushed consumer goods manufacturers and retailers towards long-haul trucking alternatives, including rail and short-haul road freight. Over the past year, as diesel prices rose manufacturers and retailers began considering how to deal with the trucking crisis, such as alternative distribution,