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Our experienced headhunters will help you access more of the top talent you require

Robins Consulting is a specialized search firm working with a limited number of carefully selected clients. By operating this way we ensure that our access to source companies is not restricted. Very few top candidates end up ‘off-limits’ to our recruiting efforts.

As a result, Robins Consulting taps an exceptionally broad and deep talent pool on your behalf, bringing you more candidates who precisely meet your specific needs.

As headhunters in the transportation industry, we can offer you these guarantees…

Reach a broader field of qualified candidates.

Focus on the core operations of your business.

Fill critical vacancies without interrupting continuity.

Reduce the costs per hire.

Like yours, our standards are high.

Your competitive position in the marketplace mandates that you hire outstanding leaders. They must have what it takes to thrive within your unique corporate culture and accomplish great things. We’re committed to finding these exceptional people for you and your team. You can count on us to focus on quality, not quantity.

We listen carefully and respond quickly.

Over the years we’ve learned the importance of asking the right questions up front and listening carefully to be sure we understand your specifications. Our ability to match candidates to your needs quickly and precisely is based on years of transportation, logistics and supply chain recruitment experience.

The bottom line is exceptional results.

Robins Consulting has an impeccable track record with clients ranging from Transport Topics 100 Carriers to Fortune 500 Companies. They work with us because we’ve proven our commitment to delivering exceptional results. Perhaps we can help you too.

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