February 2018 Archive

How to Create a Humanized and Efficient Transportation Human Resource Department

Why would someone want to work for your company? What’s special about your company which attracts the hearts and minds of potential and current employees? A key indicator of employee satisfaction is your turnover as this indicates your business has a problem with humanized and efficient human resource department. Companies

What Impact Do the Tensions in Korea Have on the Global Supply Chain?

The world has waited anxiously to see how much tension between North Korea and the United States may arise with regard to trade. As the relation between Kim Jung-Un and Donald Trump has grown testier, analysts are assuming that there might be several causes for concern. Economists have observed a

What Upcoming Changes in FAA policies may impact air freight in 2018

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is planning to undergo a complete overhaul. These proposed changes are extensive and could have a significant impact on air freight in 2018 and beyond. Currently, the FAA is comprised of regional offices and administrators – a structure that has been in place for 30