May 2016 Archive

House set to consider bill to reform hours of service, block Safety Fitness rule, nix state-required trucker breaks

The House’s Appropriations Committee voted Tuesday to send to the full House a Department of Transportation funding package that would permanently restore 2011 regulations pertaining to truckers’ use of a 34-hour restart. The bill also would halt the DOT’s work on its proposed Safety Fitness Determination rulemaking and would prevent

Google self-driving pioneers think big-rigs could get there before cars, started company to prove it

Fifteen former Google engineers, including long-time self-driving pioneer Anthony Levandowski, have left the company to create Otto, a start-up based on bringing partial autonomous driving to big-rig trucks. As the NYT notes, the start-up has great creds: Levandowski designed a self-driving motorcycle while still a grad student, and his first start-up was

Hypermodal Systems Will Bring IoT to Logistics

The rapid emergence of advanced analytics, along with new modes of transport like autonomous vehicles will bring Internet-like speeds and efficiencies to transportation and logistics, saving time and trillions of dollars, according to Lux Research. Transportation and logistics, among the slowest-changing industries, is inefficient in time, energy, labor, and capital