January 2016 Archive

Volvo Group’s Lundstedt Reorganizes Company

Approximately 100 days into his tenure as CEO of Volvo Group, Martin Lundstedt announced changes in the Sweden-based manufacturer that emphasize brand names over market geography. In a Jan. 27 conference call and press statement, Lundstedt, formerly CEO of Scania Group, said he is creating a “mandate for our sales

IATA says cargo decline hit bottom

A survey of airline CFOs and cargo heads conducted this month by IATA, reveals that the weakness and declines in cargo volumes earlier in 2015 have started to bottom out. The survey said that the outlook for cargo volumes remains positive, but noted that fewer (45 percent) respondents are expecting

Roadrunner Transportation Systems Hires Curtis Stoelting as President

Roadrunner Transportation Systems Inc. announced the selection of Curtis Stoelting as its new president. Stoelting, who was CEO at TOMY International/RC2 Corp., takes the title previously held by Mark DiBlasi, who will continue as Roadrunner’s CEO. Stoelting also will serve as Roadrunner’s chief operating officer, replacing Brian van Helden. Roadrunner’s earnings sagged 10%