How to Create a Humanized and Efficient Transportation Human Resource Department

Why would someone want to work for your company? What’s special about your company which attracts the hearts and minds of potential and current employees? A key indicator of employee satisfaction is your turnover as this indicates your business has a problem with humanized and efficient human resource department.

Companies in supply chain management and transportation especially need to serve the requirements of their geographically diverse employees. Let’s explore why HR departments have trouble keeping up, how they can eliminate problems, and some ways to humanize an impersonal department.

Why Do HR Departments Have Trouble Keeping Up?

Human resource teams have trouble keeping up with demand because businesses in the supply chain industry are growing rapidly. Since the late 80s, we’ve seen supply chain careers blossom with a few periods of mass cutbacks. It isn’t easy to react when it comes to people, business operations, and decisions with worldwide impact.

Because human resource departments cannot keep up with the demand, they are seen as bureaucratic and impersonal when their role should be one of caring and understanding.

Free Up Your Time with Automation Programs

Technology makes the workplace easy to manage, so why not improve your office with HR automation? Automation allows you to “outsource” the menial tasks, so your transportation HR department can focus on the human functions of the field. The only way to free up quality time is by automating processes.

There are simple programs able to manage employee tasks, correct small issues, and track paperwork or workflows. Some of benefits of automation services include:

  • Less overlap of work processes
  • Free up time for more important tasks
  • Decrease time spent on policy
  • Improve corporate culture
  • Guarantee every employee gets equal treatment  

Ways to Humanize Your Human Resources Department

There are several ways to humanize your HR department, especially once you get the right team members on your internal team. Instead of being seen as “the man”, an HR specialist should be caring, thinking, and able to provide answers. The top ways to humanize your transportation HR department include:

  • Building lines of communication with your staff –

    Logistics is a complicated job that often requires an advanced degree, so it’s only natural for staff members to need assistance. No matter the facet of logistics or HR questioning, lines of communication must stay open. Get up from behind that desk.

  • Creating an open forum for employees to voice their concerns –

    Whether you host an anonymous Q&A, or your HR specialists work to build trust with employees, team members need the ability to voice concerns without fear of repercussion. Never forget HR is about worker advocacy.

  • Training your HR specialists on every internal and external company policy –

    Human resources can only do their job when they understand everything at the organization. Don’t forget, a transportation HR department serves as the front line for employee happiness. Proper training helps every professional to be more humanized. HR needs to know every policy, so they can also embrace policies.

  • Offering continuous positive feedback to employees:

    Since logistics is an industry known for promoting from the inside, promotions may result solely in open-door communication among all staff levels. Continuous feedback builds a better and happier team. Never forget to add humanity to your workplace.

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