You’re in Good Company

Over the past 30 years our Executive Recruiters have made their mark in employment recruitment by focusing solely on jobs in transportation, logistics, and supply chain.

We are the recognized industry leader in transportation, logistics, and supply chain recruitment. We partner with Fortune 500 Manufacturers, Trucking Companies, 3PL’s, Railroads, Intermodal Companies, Ocean Carriers, and Air Freight Companies to recruit experienced professionals for leadership positions capable of solving complex operating issues and expanding market share.

At Robins Consulting, we understand the essential elements of successful modern transportation networks. We are former executives of the best-run trucking and logistics companies in North America. We specialize in hard-to-fill urgent and critical positions.

Today’s transportation industry is in constant flux and requires emerging leaders who are agile and capable of delivering the best industry practices with high-quality results. Our team of experienced executive recruiters knows exactly where to find the best talent to excel in today’s challenging business environment. We make it our mission to know these business-critical executives on a first-name basis.

Robins Consulting Explained in 75 Seconds:

The Mission

Our mission is simple: make precise matches and build long-lasting relationships. In short, we pride ourselves on being the best industry-specific logistics headhunters in the world. We accomplish this by being transportation industry experts who recruit aggressively, select accurately, and deliver top talent to your front door.

What Makes Robins Unique +

We aren’t the typical executive search firm you may be familiar with. We specialize in time-critical and difficult-to-fill positions for some of the most demanding companies in the world. We are the leading executive recruitment agency in our industry.

Our clients call us to recruit battle-tested talent from Mid-Level Managers to Chief Executive Officers. We will introduce you to experienced Operations Managers, proven industry Sales Talent, seasoned industry Vice Presidents, Chief Financial Officers, and visionary CEOs.

We understand the difference between hiring someone who applies for a job and recruiting the right candidate who will immediately impact your bottom line. We are not proponents of ‘posting and praying’ on internet job boards. Why? Because the best candidates are successfully employed with industry leaders and are not reading help wanted ads. They are busy working, doing the job you are trying to fill.

Our process eliminates wasted time and allows us to quickly and proactively contact candidates who may not be looking for new opportunities until they are recruited. We engage with them to learn what their career goals are and what motivates them. We craft a compelling and convincing message. We advocate your brand and then deliver them to your front door. Hiring today is difficult. Be strategic and partner with the best industry-specific search firm to recruit superior talent who will give you the strategic advantage.

Success Demands Talent

Today’s best-run companies take the war for talent seriously and make identifying and recruiting top talents a priority. Let us save you time and improve your results by accessing a broader and deeper talent pool. We are the search firm that will invest the time and resources to advocate your brand to the right candidates and manage your talent supply chain to make you more successful.