Why C.H. Robinson Can Keep Cruising

BA-BH496A_CHRW__G_20150312192457“After the Great Recession, you could get a truck anywhere, it was such a slow recovery,” says John Meara, president and chief investment officer of Argent Capital Management, which holds Robinson shares (ticker: CHRW). But with a pickup in the economy and a frigid winter, 2014 saw “way more demand than capacity, especially in the first half,” says Jack Atkins, a Stephens analyst who is Overweight the stock. A driver shortage has been a big problem for trucking, but it’s an opportunity for companies like Robinson, which matches more than 46,000 customers worldwide with 63,000 transportation providers, including trucks, railroads, airlines, and ships. “These brokers thrive in a tight-capacity environment,” says Atkins, where pricing power increases as volumes grow.

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