Uber’s first self-driving car spotted in Pittsburgh

282c49b6-cbf1-4268-a954-ff6a6efbe811-620x372The first test vehicle for Uber’s self-driving car programme has been spotted driving around the streets of Pittsburgh covered in cameras and sensors.

The modified Ford branded with “Uber’s Advanced Technologies Center”, was spotted on residential streets by the Pittsburgh Business Times. Uber announced in February that it would open a research centre in Pittsburgh to develop self-driving technology to replace drivers in its taxis.

“This vehicle is part of our early research efforts regarding mapping, safety and autonomy systems,” Uber said in a statement.

The modified car, much like the one from Apple that was spotted roaming San Francisco’s streets in February, had multiple cameras and a spinning lidar sensoron the roof indicating that the car’s purpose is to map the streets. Google’s Street View and self-driving cars use similar technology.

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