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Trucker Protests in Canada Coming to an End?

It’s been almost a month since the last update on the Freedom Convoy and their protest in Ottawa. The convoy and its supporters have been rallying against the recent vaccine mandate for border-crossing truckers.

As the Canadian protesters continue to block US-Canada borders, police have been making arrests for weeks and have detained nearly 200 protesters. Despite the involvement of the police, some weren’t willing to stand down.

Some demonstrators congregated on side streets as police moved them away from Parliament. Protesters and parked trucks have jammed the streets of Ottawa. Some protesters have stated that they will not stop until Covid-19 precautions such as mask and vaccine restrictions are withdrawn.

On Twitter, the Ottawa police said, “We are seeing young children being brought to the front of the police operation,” and “We are concerned about the safety of children in this extremely chaotic situation. Children should be going home to their families, not being taken to a protest site where emotions are running high.”

The Impact of Trucker Protests

Protesters in Canada have succeeded in causing considerable disruptions in several places around the country. Thousands of demonstrators, primarily trucks and other massive vehicles, obstructed various roadways in downtown Ottawa beginning January 28.

While many of the protesters have departed, hundreds persist, disrupting businesses and residents in the city center and causing government offices to close.

Short-term Solutions

Mr. Trudeau made a national public order emergency, the first in more than 50 years, allowing the government the authority to seize trucks and other vehicles used in the demonstrations, shut off the demonstration’s base, and freeze the bank accounts of everyone involved.

Nevertheless, trucks have been removed from Parliament Hill. It has opened up access back into downtown for commuters, residents, and visitors.

Officials also say that small businesses and establishments that have been affected in this weeks-long protest can ask for financial help of up to $10k.

However, the protests continue, raising awareness for this cause. Many Canadians want to see Cov-19 rescinded, but so far, Trudeau hasn’t made any such changes, such as repealing the vaccine mandate or removing the need for masks.

On Twitter, the truckers protest group has stated that they are “100% confident” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will rescind the Cov-19 requirements.

There were also calls to raise money for families of those who had been arrested or detained by police.

As for now, trucker protests are still underway in Canada, and it’s expected to continue for a few more weeks.

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