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Steve Aaron

I worked with Craig on a daily basis for over a decade at Stevens Transport. He was my Vice President of Human Resources. He helped me grow my company by recruiting experienced candidates for every department. We called him again in mid 2016 to recruit an experienced Vice President of

  • Kip Welch

Kip Welch

I reached out to Craig to gain insight on a project I was working on. Craig was a great resource and most willing to help me understand a market I was just discovering. Craig helped me recruit an experienced trucking executive to assume the President role of Chesapeake Energy’s new

Jim Franck

One of my senior accounting employees decided to retire after 20 years of service so I called Craig and within 24 hours he provided me with a candidate that I had a good feeling about. A face-to-face interview confirmed my initial hunch. I knew I wanted this candidate on my