Terror Attacks Bring Increased Scrutiny To Food Shipments In Europe

german_police_inspects_van.564caaa6d177eFood shipments in Europe are starting to see some slowdowns on account increased inspections caused by the recent terror attacks in Paris, according to European businesses that have been used to an open border policy are expecting the slowdowns to increase as new border control measures are put in place.

Parts of Europe are already seeing bottlenecks, according to Robert Handfield, a professor of supply chain management at North Carolina State University. “They’re struggling with getting food shipments on time,” he said, “they’re struggling with trucks that are bottled up at border crossings, trains that are being held up for inspection.”

Meanwhile, companies whose job it is to move goods around are taking notice and preparing. Troy Cooper, a senior executive with XPO Logistics, said so far, delays are limited and he hasn’t seen any significant slowdowns in shipments. Nevertheless, he said, “we expect in the future that there will be different border controls that we’ll experience delays, but we’ll adapt our optimization of schedules and make sure we are notifying customers.”

With all the calls to dump the open border policy, multinational firms, in particular, could be vulnerable. Yossi Sheffi, a transportation logistic expert at MIT, said they may have to bring back some old strategies.

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