Self-Driving Car Making 3,500-Mile Trip From California To New York And It Might Set A New Record

164815693On Sunday, a car started a cross-country road trip. This might sound pretty run-of-the-mill, except that no one will be doing the driving from California to New York. The driverless Delphi Automotive PLC car will set the record for the longest drive ever by a driverless car in North America if it completes the 3,500-mile trip.

According to ABC News, the self-driving car, modeled off of a 2014 Audi SQ5, set out Sunday morning from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco on a trek to New York City that’s estimated to take 10 days. Admittedly, the car won’t be out on the roads entirely on its own — a person will sit behind the wheel for the duration of the trip, but will not touch the wheel unless there is an emergency. The longest trip that a driverless-car has ever managed was a 2010 trip by Italian company VisLab in which a driverless van embarked on a 8,000-mile journey from Europe to Shanghai that took three months to complete, Business Insider reports.

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