Schneider Reports Steady Cargo Theft Decline

GREEN BAY, WI — Nearly since the invention of numbers, seven has been called a lucky number. For truckload, intermodal and logistics provider Schneider, the good fortune comes in the form of seven straight years of cargo theft decrease—including a sizeable 20-percent drop in 2013.

According to Schneider, the decrease was discovered after freight security authority CargoNet released its yearly U.S. Cargo Theft Report. What CargoNet found is that, for the first time since it began tracking data in 2009, the total number of freight theft incidents decreased. Schneider no doubt contributed to the nine-percent drop CargoNet reported, with the carrier achieving a decline of 91 percent since 2006.

Walter Fountain, Schneider’s Director of Safety and Enterprise Security, attributes the streak of industry-beating cargo-theft-incident rates to the company’s security methods. These include disciplined operating procedure standards, top-notch technology, and proactive communication with shippers and Schneider’s drivers and owner-operators, Fountain said.

Schneider’s security plan has the flexibility to move loads high in value using teams of drivers as opposed to one driver, which Fountain said creates velocity in the supply chain and makes sure freight is always on the move—making it less prone to theft.

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