Partner Fleets Deploy Lytx DriveCam Safety Program on 900 Trucks

drivecam1-620x270Continuing its traction in the commercial trucking business, Lytx Inc., a global leader in video-based driver safety, announced this week that dedicated logistics provider Estenson Logistics and its partner company, Truline Corp., have deployed the Lytx DriveCam Program throughout their fleet of 900 vehicles.

The combined company has become one of the leading logistics providers of transportation solutions across the country, with leaders that place an emphasis on safety. Estenson and Truline started with a trial of the DriveCam driver safety solution at three of its large locations in California, and decided to fully deploy the program soon afterward because of the immediate positive impact they experienced.

The benefits to date, according to the company, includes a 70 percent reduction in near-miss collisions, a decrease in frequency and severity of events, the exoneration of a driver following a serious collision and a significant improvement in overall driving behavior fleet-wide.

“The results we’ve experienced using the DriveCam Program are pretty dramatic. Not only are we encouraging safety, we can actually change driving behaviors —and that’s what we’ve found most compelling,” said Paul Truman, president of Truline Corp. and Estenson Logistics. “In fact, the one piece of feedback we keep getting back from our employees is, ‘It makes me a better driver.’”

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