Mercedes-Benz Previews the Interior of its Future Autonomous Cars

Ready or not, here it comes: the future of automotive is in automation. At least that’s what Mercedes-Benz is saying with a press release revealing its interior concept for a possible future autonomous vehicle. Like many of the latest developments in the world of cars, there are some pretty big promises buzzing around driver-less technology. With the elimination of human error, automated cars have the potential to dramatically increase roadway efficiency. For example, computers could attentively maintain a minimal distance between bumpers, easing congestion, reducing aerodynamic drag, and raising overall speeds. A constant, even throttle application would also do wonders for fuel mileage. An autonomous car would never get on the road drunk or tired, never get distracted by a text or song change. Vehicle interiors could become something of a “mobile office” or “travel lounge.” Accidents, as we know them, could disappear completely.mercedes-benz-previe-28_800x0w







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