Lyft Makes Starbucks An Offer It Couldn’t Refuse

lyftstarbsWhen it comes to its hourly workers, Starbucks SBUX -1.79% is one of the good guys. It offers decent wages and benefits, including a tuition benefit; it creates work schedules that don’t call for back-to-back graveyard and opening shifts. In addition, the company gets bonus points for not firing the worker that told the New York Times just how difficult those shifts could be. Instead, within hours of the publication of that story, it said it would change its policy.

But there has been one nut Starbucks couldn’t crack: how to get its employees to work when they didn’t have access to good public transportation.

This is a problem that, perhaps not-so-coincidentally, is related to the struggles its hourly workers have with a work schedule that is always in flux. This issue is hardly limited to Starbucks; many hourly and low-wage workers have  transportation issues. The difference in this case is that Starbucks seems to think it should be doing something about it.

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