IDEO Imagines the Wild Future of Self-Driving Cars

Cars might not yet drive themselves, but they already pick up plenty of our slack. Today’s models are equipped with cameras and sensors that help us parallel park, stay in our lane and brake before we ram into the Prius in front of us. Hell, they even talk to each other now (presumably to complain about how bad we humans are at driving).

wp_water_slow-07The road to fully-autonomous cars might be paved, but there are plenty of lingering questions to answer before we ease our white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel. For instance: How will we communicate with our cars now that they’re smart? What happens if our cars make a mistake? Will they really look like a Pixar character? “There are some really challenging human-machine interactions that haven’t been totally thought through yet,” says Danny Stillion, a partner at IDEO.

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