Flextronics Will Manage Global Supply Chain With New Real-Time Software

BN-JG950_flextr_J_20150707172658The contract manufacturing specialist says a new program will help oversee its network of 14,000 suppliers and aid risk mitigation efforts

Flextronics International Ltd., said Tuesday it has created software that will help the company manage its complex global network of 14,000 suppliers in real time.

Flextronics, which designs, manufactures and ships products for other businesses, expects the software to help identify potential problems with suppliers earlier and redirect work to keep inventory moving.

Some companies have chosen to centrally manage their supply chains using a control tower approach. In contrast, Flextronics wants the whole company to see the same information globally, but let local managers make decisions.

“The guys sitting in the plants can see the information at the same time and they can make their own decisions, said François Barbier, president of global operations and components at the Singapore-based Flextronics in an interview.

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