First Aid for the Hospital Supply Chain

First Aid for the Hospital Supply Chain – Inbound Logistics

Healthcare reform, a growing number of regulations, skyrocketing operational costs, and increasingly stringent insurance reimbursement guidelines put significant pressure on healthcare providers. For many, implementing cost-cutting measures and improving operational efficiencies have become mandatory regimens.

“For a long time, hospitals made money in spite of themselves,” says Chip Geiger, purchasing manager at Illinois-based Rockford Health Systems, which combines the resources of Rockford Memorial Hospital, a tertiary care hospital; and Rockford Clinic’s primary and specialty doctors. “But in the current economic and regulatory climate, we have to operate with more business savvy.”

hospitals_main_0814Many healthcare providers have identified supply chain operations as an area with significant potential for improvement. Here are five cures for common supply chain ailments that can help put hospitals on the road to improved operational and financial health.

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