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Finding Talent for Transportation Companies

Transportation companies are always looking for the best talent to fill their open positions. This is especially true when it comes to finding qualified people who can move goods across the country or even around the world. Transportation industry professionals need to be aware of what makes certain candidates stand out from other applicants, and they should also know where to look for these talented workers.

Let’s discuss some important factors that transportation companies should consider when hiring new employees.

Strong Work Ethic

Above all else, any company is looking for employees who can show up on time and do what they are supposed to do. This means that transportation companies should always look carefully at a potential hire’s work ethic before offering them a job with their company. Inquiring about past work experiences is a simple approach to swiftly clear out those who aren’t the best fit for the organization.

Candidates who can show that they have worked hard and put in extra time to finish projects are certainly going to be at the top of any hiring manager’s list. Those employees will likely continue working as if their jobs depend on it, which is great news for transportation companies looking to expand their business operations.

Domain Expertise

Another important factor that transportation companies should consider is whether or not their potential hires have the skills needed to do what needs to be done. This means finding candidates who are knowledgeable in areas such as operations planning, fleet management, supply chain management, and more. 

Commercial Driver’s Licence

Drivers with Commercial Drivers’ Licenses (CDL) are always great assets to have on any transportation team. These individuals can work as drivers, loaders or unloaders, and even mechanics in some cases. They also bring years of expertise working on commercial vehicles, which is extremely beneficial to most transportation companies.

Background Checks

Transportation companies should always conduct comprehensive background checks before hiring a new employee. It’s best to get started with this step as soon as possible, and candidates who will be managing fleets of vehicles should have their backgrounds reviewed more thoroughly than those with merely light-duty experience.

In addition to checking for any criminal or driving-related convictions, transportation companies should also consider running credit checks, performing drug tests, and checking for solid employment history. When it comes to a time to employ someone new, the more knowledge transportation hiring managers have about their prospects, the better they will be able to make informed selections.

Good Work History from other Transportation Companies

Highly recommended for anyone who is looking to land a job in the transportation industry, having an impressive work history is one of the most important things that potential hires can bring with them when applying for jobs. Transportation companies are always on the hunt for talented employees with previous logistics or distribution center experience.

These employees will likely be familiar already with the processes that are in place in order to move large quantities of goods from Point A to Point B. For this reason, candidates who have worked for other companies in similar roles will be at a much greater advantage than those with little or no experience when applying for transportation jobs.

Professional Resume Format

Having an up-to-date resume is important for candidates on the job hunt. Transportation companies will be looking for that when deciding who to hire. Applicants should always ensure that their resumes are error-free and formatted in a clean, professional manner.

It’s also important for applicants to include their contact information so hiring managers can easily get in touch with them if they are chosen for an interview or if they need more information for a background check.

Finally, applicants should always avoid including any personal details such as age or marital status on their resumes. It is also advised to avoid discussing personal hobbies or interests that aren’t clearly tied to transportation-related employment. These items can often be seen as superfluous and unnecessary by potential employers.

How Transportation Recruitment Firms Can Help

The best way to ensure that transportation companies are able to hire the right people for their teams is by working with third-party recruitment firms. These organizations specialize in finding talented individuals for urgent and critical searches. They specialize in developing relationships with candidates who will be a good fit within certain industries, and they can help employers access seasoned transportation professionals quickly and easily. They don’t run help wanted ads but rather take a proactive identification and recruitment approach.

There’s also no need for candidates to worry about jumping through hoops or meeting strict requirements in order to get hired. Search firms are able to cut through the red tape and make hiring transportation professionals easy for everyone involved.

Improving your Logistics Recruitment outcomes

Experienced recruiting firms should have a long list of satisfied clients who have benefited from their personalized and tailored approach to logistics recruitment. If job postings and advertising aren’t producing the talent you need to run your business you should consider partnering with an industry-specific search firm that has a track record of delivering results.

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