Commercial Transportation: Top 10 Innovations in 2016

As technology shifts and adjusts with the changing times, so, too, does the requirement for an updated commercial transportation model. Below, Robins Consulting lists the Top 10 Innovations in Shipping and Commercial Transportation.

Commercial Transportation Innovations:

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication

California-based automated vehicle technology company Peloton Technology is paving the way in Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) communication. In an effort to transform the way commercial transportation companies view challenges facing the $700 billion trucking industry, Peloton presents a new option to keep drivers safe and crashes limited by offering always-on radar sensors able to detect stopped or slowed vehicles. By initiating the braking system automatically with minimal user interference, vehicles are able to operate more safely at closer distances.

Embedded Sensors for Warehouse Management

Embedded sensors in commercial transportation vehicles and cargo containers continuously monitor, capture and transmit real-time data in the Transportation and Warehouse Management Solutions software now offered by Internet of Things (IoT). Locating the product line at all times will help with quality care, customer service, and appropriate expectations.

Crowd Shipping

Commercial transportation companies like PiggyBee, Friendshippr, Barnacle, and Nimber are hard at work focusing on connecting people to shipments while traveling. Barnacle offers a network of more than 5,000 private drivers in all major cities in the U.S. with the aim of picking up routes to deliver goods. The company says senders save up to 75% off commercial shipping rates and freight prices.

Taking It to the Cloud

Cloud technology is helping commercial transportation carriers reach major milestones in less time and by using less resources. Information is readily available for consumption regardless of locale or trip duration. Trucking companies are becoming more responsive to customer needs and product fulfillment with almost no monetary investment as the cloud is a pay-as-you-go service that anyone with permission can access at any time.

Staying Connected

Applications that help maintain connection while on the road are critical in managing supply and demand throughout the commercial transportation industry. Transmitting real-time data with the push of a button is in high demand and applications like RESTful Web services and JSON are emerging just in time to replace EDI-based communication. Warehouse management solutions seeking to protect sensitive client data in the digital age are now touting heavy access to routine diagnostics that will identify, rectify, and monitor cyber attacks particularly affecting their transportation fleet.

Unmanned Vehicles

Transit system Matternet is changing the way the commercial transportation system does business by employing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), landing stations, and routing software. Now goods are able to be moved locally when infrastructure does not support heavy trucking or container delivery capability. Matternet CEO Andreas Raptopoulos discussed this new science during a recent TED Talk.

New Pricing Tools

The end-to-end pricing tool iContainers seeks to offer the best available pricing options for oceanliner freight, as well as international moves throughout the commercial transportation vector. iContainers takes the guessing game out of the mix by offering real-time quotes from multiple cargo carriers. Another company, Freight Filter, uses software to divide shipping options into three straightforward steps. Simply click, price it out, book it, and ship from one easy-to-understand platform.

Increased Transparency

A new commercial transportation service called Xenata adds transparency into the shipping industry by asking companies to benchmark their ocean freight rates to better work for importers, exporters, and freight forwarders. This new technology makes it easy for the newcomer or old pro to negotiate prices with transparency on their side.

Discounts Galore

The Shippo API app allows the user to obtain discounted shipping rates with labels printed out at the customer’s convenience within minutes. Commercial transportation carriers such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS are included in the discount structure, making it easier than ever to ship goods between destinations. Similarly, ShipHawk touts itself as a software solution that businesses can integrate into their shopping carts to provide buyers with the options they need to succeed at the lowest price. ShipHawk provides instant rate quotes for real items without having to enter all the details upfront.

Better Containers

Staxxon has developed a commercial transportation shipping container that folds and nests to remove air from empty shipping containers. Less air means the commercial transportation industry can move five empty shipping containers in the same space as one, making supply and demand easier and more cost-effective. To compliment this effort, Holland Container Innovations focuses on 40-foot containers instead of the 20-foot product market Staxxon uses as a benchmark.

The commercial transportation industry is as robust as ever – if not even more so. Transportation recruiters, logistics recruiters, headhunters, and product management teams are encouraged to try as many new resources as possible to find the best fit for their business needs.

Robins Consulting is a commercial transportation, logistics, and supply chain consulting firm that partners with Fortune 500 Shippers, Trucking Companies, 3PL’s (Third Party Logistics Companies), Railroads, Steamship Lines, and Air Freight Companies to recruit experienced talent for leadership positions capable of solving complex operating issues and expanding market share. A sample of our major client list includes FedEx, DHL, Bolthouse Farms, Korean Air, Smith-Cargo, PBG, Domino’s Pizza, and Ryder.

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