BMW Launches All-Electric Heavy-Duty Truck

MUNICH, GERMANY — BMW has put its first all-electric heavy-duty truck into service in Munich. The 40-ton vehicle — designed by the Dutch manufacturer Terberg–is powered by batteries that take, according to BMW, three to four hours to charge. When fully

The electric BMW will haul auto parts around Munich

charged, the truck has a range of up to 100 kms. In its current application, hauling auto parts within Munich, the truck can theoretically complete a full  day without any additional recharging.

It was launched this week at the BMW Group Plant in Munich by Bavaria’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Ilse Aigner.

According to a press release from BMW, the electric truck will be exclusively charged with electricity from renewable sources. The combination of this and the alternative driveline means the truck  is CO2-free, quiet and generates almost no fine particle pollution.

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