A Palatable Material Palette: 9 Examples of Pallet-tecture

9ffe5c198c00bf67e0a643edbda3af5ePallets have become the basis of a new architectural typology. Inexpensive and readily available, mundane wooden shipping pallets can be transformed from lowbrow shipping equipment into handsome ad hoc structures. The oft-upcycled material is often used to construct temporary structures.

The oft-upcycled material lends itself to festival pavilions and popup structures in particular: Burning Man’s iconic “Tower Babel” comes to mind, but pallets can also be repurposed for all variety of temporary architecture. At 48 by 40 inches, the standard North American pallet is easily implemented in simple building projects, whether it’s used for flooring, seating, or walls. Here are some examples of pallet-tecture — standardized though they may be, the possibilities are endless:

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