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Supply Chain Jobs

Supply Chain Careers – When mid- to senior level executives are ready to advance in their supply chain careers, they turn to the experts at Robins Consulting. Our unique approach and frequent exclusive placement requests have made us one of the leading transportation executive search firms in North America. In addition, our far-reaching network and global resources have allowed us to successfully conduct senior level searches and secure supply chain opportunities in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Supply Chain Consultants – In today’s uncompromising world, companies can’t afford to operate at the bare minimum. Giants in the transportation industry – and those who aspire to such high-reaching levels – must excel beyond the normal standards and constantly increase the performance of their bottom line. Our nationally recognized supply chain consultants provide solid tactical advice and dynamic results, making Robins Consulting an invaluable partner for major transportation corporations all over the world.

Supply Chain Recruiters – In economics, one of the first things you learn is that specialization is the key to profit: when your company’s resources are spent doing something that another can do in half the time and with greater proficiency, it can be financially detrimental. And, it can be even worse if you are trying to staff positions that are not typically within your core business. By partnering with an expert who can bring specialized logistics supply chain talent to you, your company’s resources can be turned toward more productive goals.

Supply Chain Recruitment Services – As industry insiders in the truck, rail, air freight, and ocean shipping industries, we understand the technical requirements and tactical importance of supply chain staffing. Our dedicated supply chain placement recruiters pride themselves in crafting the strategic matches that can make a difference.

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