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Increased Productivity In The U.S. Creates Strong Demand For Freight Brokers And Freight Agents.

The rebounding economy plus increasing productivity across the nation has already begun impacting the transportation industry, and with more freight to be moved, the demand for freight brokers and agents continues to rise.

With major trucking companies running at more than capacity, many shippers are having difficulty finding core carriers, and as the supply of trucks continues to diminish, many shippers are being forced to use third-party carriers to move their freight.

Benefits of Using Freight Brokers and Freight Agents

Freight brokers and agents are often used by smaller companies who find it more efficient than establishing their own shipping or logistics departments. These brokers are also finding new opportunities with shippers who are downsizing their transportation departments.

This increasing demand has put freight brokers and agents at a premium across the country, but Robins Consulting continues to be able to locate and identify top talents in this area of the transportation industry, thanks to its long-standing reputation in the industry as well as its wide-ranging network in the field.

“We’re seeing more companies use brokers and agents because these professionals are paid only on the basis of their performance and can save shippers the salary of a full-time employee,” said Craig Robins, president of Robins Consulting. “We also are able to locate more resourceful brokers for shippers who are seeing an increase in their import-export business and need more innovative ways to use rail and ocean-going vessels.”

Robins also pointed out that because brokers move thousands of loads each day on independent carriers, many shippers use agent brokers to find freight for their return loads. “We expect to see carriers looking more and more to brokers to help keep their trucks loaded and moving down the highway,” Robins said, “and we at Robins Consulting are here to make certain that happens with the best possible talent and the right fit for every organization.”

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