Volvo truck concept uses 30 percent less fuel thanks to less weight, better aero


Volvo Trucks, a separate entity to Volvo Cars, has rolled out a truck concept that could lead to much lower costs for the delivery of goods.

The Swedish firm’s concept is said to use 30 percent less fuel than a comparable truck currently in operation thanks to its aerodynamic design and lower curb weight.

The concept is based on Volvo’s FH 420 truck that uses a turbocharged 12.9-liter inline-6 diesel engine.

Goal is to get consumption down by 50 percent

Some of the solutions to improve aerodynamics include replacing the side mirrors with rear-facing cameras, covering up the wheels and adding a more streamlined section at the rear. Combined, these modifications help improve aerodynamic efficiency by as much as 40 percent. In addition, the trailer is also about 2.2 tons lighter than a regular design and the wheels are fitted with low rolling resistance tires.

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