Blog and FTR Launch Advanced Trans4Cast for Trucking Professionals

The ITS Stats and FTR have launched a reinvented version of the Trans4Cast report at FTR’s annual Transportation Conference. A weekly analysis of spot market conditions, rates, and market pressure, Trans4Cast is powered by and FTR, and provides insights to international brands like Bloomberg Financial, BB&T, Fox News and Swift Transportation.

“The reinvented Trans4Cast provides a deeper dive into the spot marketplace,” said Scott Moscrip,’s CEO. “Freight professionals are now able to see information that’s more relevant to their business, viewing spot market data by freight equipment type and region.”

The new Trans4Cast also features regional “heat maps,” showcasing hot spots across the nation, both in terms of rates and the movement of freight. In addition to historical trending, Trans4Cast will also feature commentary and freight forecasting provided by FTR, a first in the market.

“We’re constantly searching for ways to improve both our data and the delivery of our data,” said FTR’s Larry Gross. “We believe Trans4Cast delivers on that objective – it’s an unsurpassed tool in helping freight professionals make critical decisions.”

The advanced Trans4Cast was featured at FTR’s Transportation Conference in Indianapolis earlier this week, and will be featured at Connected 2015,’s user conference in Dallas, from Nov. 9 through 11. A free preview of the Trans4Cast report will be available through Sept. 30 by visiting

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