Connected: the Internet of Things takes hold in trucking

devices-300x200The Internet of Things (IOT) has a different meaning depending on your vantage point. As a consumer, the “things” could be phones, Fitbits, smart clothing, cars, home appliances and other devices that share a common network and Internet connection.

As a fleet owner, manager or driver, the “things” could be electronic logs, video event recorders, collision warning systems, electronic control modules, vehicle sensors and other devices connected to a vehicle’s network or mobile computing platform.

In the consumer world, thousands of devices and applications are compatible straight from the box and the App Store or Google Play. The same is not true for trucking technology. A collision warning system, for instance, cannot be integrated with a telematics system at the push of a button like pairing a Fitbit with a smartphone. But the trends are moving in that direction.

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