Amazon has doubled the number of robots in its warehouses to 30,000

169881-thumbAmazon today provided new information about robots working inside of its facilities. The ecommerce company now has 30,000 Kiva robots working in its fulfillment centers, an executive said during Amazon’s quarterly call with investors today.

That number is up from 15,000 at the end of 2014, said the executive, Phil Hardin, Amazon’s director of investor relations.

“Capital intensity is offset by their density and throughput, so it’s a bit of an investment that has implications for a lot of elements of our cost structure, but we’re happy with Kiva,” Hardin said. “We think it’s a great pairing of our associates with Kiva robots that do some of the hauling of products within the warehouses. It has been a great innovation for us, and we think it makes the warehouse jobs better, and we think it makes our warehouses more effective.”

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